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Mainly, Valencia Luxury apartments are located in the heart of Valencia, in district number 1, called "Centro Histórico-Ciutat Vella". The area is made up of six neighbourhoods: La Seu, La Xerea, El Carmen, El Pilar, El Mercat and Sant Francesc. These are neighborhoods full of points of interest at multiple levels (cultural, financial, commercial, historical, religious...).

The visitor will be able to learn about the different styles of Valencian art through its monuments and museums, such as the Cathedral of Valencia, built at the request of Jaime I in the 13th century; the Silk Exchange, a Gothic monument declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996; the Palacio del Marqués de Dos Aguas, currently home to the National Museum of Ceramics; or the Torres de Quart, built in the 15th century and which formed part of the medieval wall that surrounded the old town. These towers have withstood various wars throughout history, and traces of the impacts of the cannons can still be seen. They are currently declared a National Monument. Another monument that you can find in the area is the Torres de Serranos, one of the 12 gates of the old wall of Valencia. Built in 1398, its main use was the defense of the city. All this without forgetting the Miguelete, the famous bell tower of the Valencia Cathedral, which dates from 1429 and is a clear example of the Valencian Gothic style. In addition, at an administrative level, the area is also home to the Palace of the Generalitat and the Valencian Courts. Points all of them, without a doubt, mandatory stops for anyone who wants to take a tourist tour of Valencia.


The City of Arts and Sciences, a famous complex designed by the architect Santiago Calatrava, is a center of architectural, cultural and entertainment interest that has promoted and modernized the city of Valencia.

Located at the end of the old Turia riverbed, it is currently a real lung for Valencia thanks to its extensive gardens. Without a doubt, a mandatory stop for tourists.


Formerly a fishing district, today it is one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Spain, with its extensive promenade, where you can enjoy numerous restaurants on the seafront where you can taste our famous Valencian paella.


Mora of Rubielos is a Teruel municipality that belongs to the Gúdar/Javalambre region. The town is located at an altitude of more than 1,000 meters above sea level and the distance by road from Teruel, the capital of the province, is 40 kilometers.

This beautiful Teruel town, declared a Historic Site, has preserved its medieval urban layout, including part of the walls and the old access portals: Alcalá, Cabra, Rubielos and Nuevo de Rubielos.

In it, two magnificent examples of Gothic architecture in Aragon stand out: the former collegiate church of Santa María la Mayor and the impressive castle of the Fernández de Heredia, which combined military functions and a stately residence.