Valencia Luxury

About us

VALENCIA LUXURY is a company of Valencian origin and with a Mediterranean character, specializing in the rental of exclusive apartments for short and medium stays.

The company was created in 2007 with the aim of giving added value to this rental modality and thus making a difference with other similar ones in the market. That is why we offer a unique product, based on the high quality of the apartments in terms of location, design and decoration, the latter carried out by the prestigious Ferrer & Interiors Decoration Studio.

Corporate culture

VALENCIA LUXURY transmits, through the quality of its products and services, a philosophy based on professionalism and competitiveness, thus creating a brand image that distinguishes us from the competition. All this together with the convenience, privacy and comfort of our apartments, will make you feel at home. Without forgetting the great advantage of cost savings that this type of accommodation entails compared to others and the possibility, moreover, that a whole family or a whole group of friends can stay together.

In all these years, the company has been growing exponentially, not only in the number of apartments but also in their quality, reaching great recognition within the city of Valencia.